How To Fix Ninja Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

Ninja is a well-known air fryer manufacturer in the marketplace. The model is convenient and effective for steaks, roasts, flank steaks, potato wedges, and drying food.

However, several consumers have reported having trouble with the Ninja air fryer not turning on. Failure to switch it on is a common problem. Please continue reading this post to address this typical blunder and avoid overthinking the difficulties.

Why Is The Ninja Air Fryer Not Turning On?

There are many reasons for making a ninja air fryer not turn on. After that, we will show you some popular causes:

Poor Plug-in to Socket

There is a chance of tripping, resulting in a power interruption to your air fryer switch. Besides, the device will not turn on in case the plug is not correctly connected to the power socket.

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Source: Google 

Ninja air fryers are designed with two-prong power wire plugs into a wall outlet. Unless careful, two-prong cables may not attach to the socket successfully. Some wall outlets are equipped with GFCI security, which may lead them to break.

The Fuse Of The Cable Has Blown

It doesn’t matter if the cabling is in fine condition or whether the bulb has blown.

Based on the type of cable, it could or could not have a fuse. Not all sockets are evenly distributed, and their styles differ significantly relying on where you reside.

Once the air fryer stopped operating due to a blown fuse, you ought to replace the fuse. If you lack the essential knowledge, call a professional maintenance specialist.

The Basket Is Not Placed Properly

Most cooking equipment with baskets (such as propane grills) has unique latching that locks once you secure it to the body. This action secures the basket and provides security by avoiding any mishaps.

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Basket of an air fryer – source: image 

As a result, even if the basket of an air fryer is perfectly positioned, the air fryer will not start. When the air fryer basket somehow stops the door from closing, the gadget will not enable you to begin a cooking program.

If you’ve exhausted all of the above possibilities and still nothing works, you’ll need to call or email the manufacturer.

Contact the retailer or vendor where you acquired the item, or go online to call the manufacturer directly.

How To Fix 

Check The Air Fryer Instruction Manual

You’re having difficulties turning on the Ninja air fryer and can’t figure out how to fix it? So, the first thing you should do is consult the user handbook.

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The user handbook – source: image 

Because there are so many various air fryer models, consulting the handbook is the best approach to evaluate for typical difficulties while troubleshooting.

Let’s read the usage instructions and safety and care guidelines to eliminate the chance of incorrect usage or unintentional harm.

Ensure The Power Source Is Working

You’ll likely take a substantial amount of time to investigate the gadget when the issue is caused by a faulty power plug that the item is connected to. It is vital to ensure that the socket is working properly. If it doesn’t, we’re spending time trying to fix the air fryer while the cable is broken.

Able to connect other pieces of equipment to the plug is the simplest way to determine whether the plug is working properly. If both devices are powered by the same plug, you realize that the issue is with the ninja air fryer.

If this method does not work, please call an electrician to get your socket repaired.

Be Sure The Air Fryer Basket Is In Place

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Source: Google 

When the basket position is shifted, the ninja air fryer automatically identifies a problem and shuts off. Therefore, before closing the lid, ensure the basket is in position, and then try turning on the air fryer.

Contact The Company

You can also find the manufacturer’s contact information there. They will normally have a customer support phone number displayed.

Remember to check to see if the merchandise is covered by a warranty. Visit the manufacturer’s website to determine whether your item remains covered by warranty. If it is a large corporation, ensure that you check out the website in your country. 

With air fryer malfunctions during the warranty term, you may be eligible to obtain a new air fryer or replacement components.


This post shows some basic reasons for making the ninja air fryer not turn on and several ways to fix these problems. We still recommend reading the user handbook to determine whether the guideline has valuable information if you have trouble with the ninja air fryer won’t turn on. Most troubleshooting manuals contain issues, potential causes, and remedies and may be quite useful.

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