How To Fix PowerXL Air Fryer Not Turning On

Is your Power XL air fryer not turning on, and you don’t know why? This article will provide all the causes that lead to this problem, so you can read and see whether your PowerXL air fryer has the same trouble. 

Many reasons can make the PowerXL air fryer malfunction while you use it for cooking food. The reset button, safety switch, or fan may cause strange noise, stop suddenly, or even show no signal that it will operate normally.

You have to struggle all day, but your air fryer still turns off. So, why don’t you read the following content to handle this issue?

Why Is Power XL Air Fryer Not Turning On?

Power Loss

Power loss or outage can occur anytime inside your house or surrounding neighborhood. You cannot turn on any electronic devices, including your PowerXL air fryer. 

If all the electronic appliances, lighting systems, and sockets stop abruptly, it may be due to power disconnection. You can wait until the problem is fixed and re-connected or directly call the electric power corporation to handle the power loss faster.

Damaged Socket

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A Broken Socket Makes The Air Fryer Malfunctioned

Your air fryer cannot receive electricity when the socket is broken. When the socket fails to transmit electric power, it’s obvious that your air fryer won’t switch on. 

You can try to connect the air fryer to a separate socket to see whether it turns on. If it operates normally, you will identify the damaged socket and replace it with a new one. 

Incorrect Basket Placement

Place The Basket Properly To Turn On The Air Fryer

The basket is a safety feature attached to your air fryer, so your Power XL air fryer won’t operate if you place the basket incorrectly. Because this accessory appears on any air fryer brand on the market, you can experience this issue frequently. To make the air fryer operate, the basket must be properly closed.

Broken Fuse

Every air fryer has a plug to connect to the socket. This plug comes with a small fuse built into the connector to detect excessive voltage. The fuse controls how much electricity should be used to run your gadget. Therefore, a power surge won’t cause your air fryer or other devices to malfunction.

Broken Equipment

Any broken component can significantly lead your Power XL air fryer to malfunction. If you cannot turn on your air fryer and find several appliances damaged, send them back to the company. They will give you new appliances, which can solve this problem immediately. 

How To Fix If Power XL Air Fryer Is Not Turning On? 

Unplug And Replug

You have previously witnessed how malfunctioning electrical devices can be repaired by only unplugging and re-plugging. Before thinking about something complicated, you should try troubleshooting techniques. 

After unplugging the air fryer, wait for about 10 minutes, then connect it again. These 10 minutes allow the air fryer to reset and switch on. 

Check The Power Cable

Sometimes, when a problem comes up, we will look for serious ways to solve it. If you see your air fryer not working, check the power cable. You may forget to connect it to the socket, so there’s no electricity sent to the air fryer.  

That’s why the Power XL air fryer’s cord connection is the first item you should inspect. Ensure the power cable is securely attached to the air fryer and socket.

When the cable connection is correct and has power, but your air fryer keeps turning off, it’s time for you to purchase a new power cable or look for other ways to deal with this issue.

Check All Appliance

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Make Sure All Appliances Are In Good Condition

Before connecting the power cable, ensure all equipment is placed appropriately in your air fryer. Check its components carefully to find whether they are in good condition or damaged. 

Especially for, the fuse and the basket are important parts of an air fryer. Thus, if you see that these appliances are broken or put in the wrong position, fix them instantly to turn on your air fryer.

Contact Service Center

In case all the solutions do not work for your case, it’s time to contact the air fryer’s service center. Because all the troubleshooting techniques can’t make the air fryer turn on, perhaps the air fryer is damaged in the production or delivery process. 

So, all you can do is call the customer service center and get it repaired or receive a new air fryer.


Why is your PowerXL air fryer not turning on? The reasons can be power loss, wrong basket position, broken socket, fuse, or any equipment in the air fryer. Depending on the specific causes you identify, you can solve this problem by following our solutions above and seeing if the result works effectively.

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