How To Fix Cuisinart Air Fryer Not Working

Cuisinart air fryer is one of the popular air fryers today. This is one of the important kitchen items with the convenience and ability to create healthy dishes. However, sometimes there are some problems that make your Cuisinart air fryer not working.

We’ll cover a few causes and ways to fix this problem. Let’s scroll down.

Cuisinart Air Fryer Not Working And How To Fix

Loose Plug

This sounds like a simple mistake, but many people make it. When your Cuisinart air fryer is not working, the first thing to check is its plug. Is it plugged in correctly, or is it loose?

Cuisinart Air Fryer Not Working

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The solution to this problem is very simple. Just unplug it and plug it back in. You can try different orientations of the plug. Make sure you plug it in tightly. After use, unplug the air fryer to ensure the durability of the plug.

Sometimes the fault comes from your home’s electrical outlet. It may be damaged and cannot power the air fryer. Thoroughly check both the electrical outlet and your home’s power supply.

If it is true that the plug is not plugged in correctly, your air fryer will start working right away. If not, try to check by the next cause.

The Air Fryer’s Cable Is Damaged

After checking the plug and the Cuisinart air fryer is still not working, you should check the cable of the air fryer. After a period of use, the cable can be twisted together and crushed by other objects. If you have mice in your house, they can bite the cable.

How To Fix Cuisinart Air Fryer Not Working

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Sometimes, the outer wires are intact, while the inner wires are damaged. Please take it to a repair shop to have it checked. When the power cord is exposed, it can leak power and cause an explosion. Remember to unplug before testing the cable.

Try to check the cable of your Cuisinart air fryer. If they have the above problems, take them for repair. Cable-related problems you can hardly fix on your own but need a professional. You can also bring it to the dealer for a warranty.

Technical/Manufacturing Defect

After checking the above two errors and your air fryer is still not working, it may have an internal technical problem. Don’t try to open it to fix it yourself. This can worsen the air fryer and void the warranty because you damaged it yourself.

Please get in touch with the dealer for direct instructions. Or you can bring it to your place for the fastest warranty. If your warranty has expired, you can take it to any repair shop you trust to have it repaired.

Technical errors can take a long time to fix. They can also cost you a lot of money. You’d better check all the basic errors before sending it to the repair shop.

You should also choose reputable air fryers like Cuisinart air fryers to avoid unnecessary technical errors. If there is a fault, you will also be fully insured.

Some Other Errors

The Cuisinart air fryer will not work if you do not set it to any program. Make sure after you put the food in, you choose the mode for it and set the time. You need to set the appropriate time and mode because if the temperature is too hot, it can lead to the next problem.

The air fryer will automatically turn off if it gets too hot. This is to ensure the user’s safety and avoid fire and explosion. However, many people who do not know think it is broken. 

This is the case with your Cuisinart air fryer? So wait a while for it to cool down, and then try turning it on. If it still works, you don’t need to bring it in for repair.

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When the food basket is not inserted properly, the air fryer does not work either. Try taking it out and putting it back in. When the basket is properly placed, it will be very tight and be able to work right away. 

You also need to clean the air fryer, so no residue is left on the basket. This will prevent it from matching the air fryer.


We have suggested a few causes of the Cuisinart air fryer not working and a few ways to fix it. Watch the air fryer perform and try our way. If it is still not working, contact the manufacturer for a warranty. 

Don’t try to fix it yourself if you are inexperienced. You may end up causing unfortunate problems and voiding your warranty.

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