What Is Rapid Air Technology In Air Fryers?

In recent years, Air Technology has revolutionized fried food, making it crispy without adding fat residue, affecting heart health. But to be in more detail, What is Rapid Air Technology in Air Fryers, and what are its benefits? Let’s find out in this post today. 

What Is Rapid Air Technology in Air Fryers? 

RUSH Technology, which refers to Radian & Upstream Heating Technology concerning heat transfer, is another term for Rapid Air. This can be defined as the uninterrupted, continuous movement of air. (1)

With this technology’s aid, the pot’s hot air may be transported with more intensity, covering the food’s surface and permeating the center to cook it thoroughly on all sides.

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Rapid Air Technology in Air Fryers.

The heat from the heater is distributed in two directions by rapid air technology:

  • The food’s upper surface is directly exposed to radiation in the first direction.
  • The second method involves pushing the fan down the sides of the pot to the bottom, where hot air reflects into the food and cooks it equally on all sides.

However, the difference in rapid air technology is that the heat is transmitted with high intensity, evenly distributed on all sides of the food, helping the food to be cooked from the inside out. The air to be heated is limited and only circulates inside the space requiring heat. 

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French fries in the air fryer

Rapid air technology involves a lot of air movement to generate heat to cook food. Heat flows from top to bottom and then reflects to help the food cook evenly.

What Are the Benefits of Rapid Air Technology?

Healthier cooking method

Fried food has undergone a revolution thanks to rapid air technology, which makes food crispy without adding extra fat residue that could harm the heart. The heating element at the top of the food emits heat first. 

Next, convection heat from strong air currents travels to the food compartment’s bottom aperture. As a result, the meal is centered, and two sides of the heat are conveyed. The air will then need to circulate through the food because there isn’t a convection oven’s load of circulating air. 

You won’t notice any burning, scorching, or nutrient loss due to this unique operating concept. Your family will no longer be concerned about contaminants that are hazardous to their health produced by grease residues or burnt food residues.

Suitable for All Types of Food

This technology is suitable for all foods in your family. Rapid Air Technology offers the optimal treatment from simple dishes such as grilled vegetables to complex and expensive dishes such as grilled ribs or grilled beef. 

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Suitable for all food.

In addition, some cakes, such as egg tarts, can also be made easier because of their convection heat transfer principle, similar to an oven.


Using an air fryer can save the most cooking time and effort. You don’t need to stand watch over the food or turn it; marinade it, place it in the pot, cover the lid, regulate the temperature, and set the timer.

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Convenient air fryers.

Additionally, the air fryer has an odor and smoke filter so that the smell of cooking taints neither the room’s air nor the garments. You won’t have to spend time cleaning up the kitchen after cooking because the fryer is covered and doesn’t leak oil or grease during the cooking process.

Reduce The Risk Of Toxic Acrylamide Formation

Acrylamide is an intermediate product in food processing, appearing when food is processed at high temperatures, especially during frying, baking, and roasting. Using an air fryer brings many changes in how heat is used for cooking, minimizing overheating and forming harmful chemicals.

How To Cook Using an Air fryer?

Rapid Air technology is suitable for most foods. With fast heating, it saves you more time than convection oven.
Using less oil when cooking with an air fryer has a positive impact on health.
Cooking becomes very simple with the air fryer, You just put the food in a food basket and turn it on!

Step 1: Clean the food

Before processing with an oil-free fryer, the purchased ingredients should be washed with water and left to dry.

Step 2: Choose foods that are similar in temperature conditions

Doing this will help the cook avoid the temperature difference being too high or too low, helping the food in the pot to cook more evenly.

Step 3: Let the device be ready first.

After selecting the ingredients to make the dish, it’s time to start the preheater. Set the time knob to 3 minutes to heat the frying pan. Do this regularly, so your device is preserved for a long time and less likely to be damaged due to temperature differences.

Step 4: Prepare the dish.

Although many cookers now have an Auto mode (self-cooking), for food to cook properly, there are some dishes you need to know what time is right. Consult cooking temperatures and times in advance on websites or cookbooks in advance. ^^


So, here is the final answer to the question,”What is Rapid Air Technology? Then this is a technology related to heat treatment in an air fryer. 

In the pot, an air passage at the bottom is created to form an optimized airflow and evenly distribute the sides of the food. This is a revolutionary technology in the food industry, helping to cook food in the best state and convenience, ensuring users’ health.


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