Powerxl Grill Vs Emeril Lagasse 360 Air Fryer Comparison

Currently, PowerXL Grill vs Emeril Lagasse 360 is probably the topic many people, especially housewives, are most interested in.

As each air fryer has its advantages and disadvantages, deciding which one to buy is not an easy thing. Understanding that, we wrote this post to review and compare those two products.

From that, we will give you an unbiased view of each product to help you select the one that best suits your needs. Keep reading the post to learn more!

PowerXL Vs Emeril Air Fryer Ovens Comparison Tables

To save you time searching for typical features of each product, we created this chart to give you a brief comparison between them. Let’s learn more now!

 PowerXL Grill 8-in-1Emeril Lagasse 360 Air Fryer Ovens
ImagePowerXL Air Fryer Grill 8 in 1Emeril Lagasse 6 Qt
Wattage1500 watts1500 watts
ColorStainless Steel Standard, Black Standard, Black Deluxe, Stainless Steel DeluxeStainless Steel, Slate
Capacity930 cubic centimeters, enabling you to grill a 10-pound chicken or six big burgers at the same time930 cubic inches, allowing you to bake up to 6 slices of bread or other desserts, and air fry chicken, even a 10-to-12-pound one
TechnologyTakes 40 percent less time than some traditional fryers; using less oil which rejects 70 percent of fatsHigh-speed cook technology of 360 degrees and five marvelous heating aspects, getting the foods cooked evenly on every side.
Preset FunctionsIt offers 8 in 1 automatic preset functions, including bake, air fry, toast, rotisserie, broil, etc.Providing 12 preset choices, enabling you to create any dishes you want with juicy taste and perfection
Time Of CookingEquipped with dishwasher-free aspects, making it easier to use and clean40 percent faster than traditional ones, fewer fats for healthier foods
CleaningBoth the machine and its accessories are effortless to clean, requiring no scrubbing or soaking.Equipped with dishwasher free aspects, making it easier to use and clean
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

PowerXL Grill vs Emeril Lagasse 360 Comparison

This part will show you a detailed comparison between PowerXL Grill vs Emeril Lagasse 360. The features for comparison include design, size and quality, and performance. Let’s go through it now to see how different these machines are!


At first glance, The PowerXL 8-in-1 Grill easily attracts your attention because of its shiny and intelligent construction. You will feel that this beautiful machine can effortlessly fit other appliances and boost your kitchen’s beauty.

You can also bring it for an outdoor barbecue. The outer side is made of a black matte finish and glistening metal, making it so glossy. We believe it will bring cheerful color to your party.

The interior design consists of many parts, the most notable of which are the non-stick baking dish and the baking tray.

These two components make baked goods more evenly cooked and more delicious without sticking to the plate with less effort. You are sure to have the best and highest quality barbecue and barbecue!

Other parts include a pizza rack, a baking pan, a crisper tray, and a drip tray. They provide a wide selection of baked goods to help you enjoy the party more fully and perfectly.

As for the Emeril Lagasse 360, the design and color of this device will stand out even more. With its all-metal body, this air fryer will shine in your kitchen.

Especially, The Emeril Lagasse Convection Oven is equipped with preset modes for cooking functions and surprising accessory tools – 9 in 1. It helps you shorten the cooking time but still keeps the great taste of the dishes.

Like the PowerXL Grill, Emeril Lagasse 360 also has a pizza grill and drip tray. Thanks to that, you can even bake pizza instead of just the meat.

What’s more, you don’t need to do complicated processes anymore. Just press the function you want and wait a while, and you will have a delicious baking dish.

Overall, both PowerXL and Emeril Lagasse have attractive exteriors. However, the design of Emeril Lagasse 360 is a little more impressive because of its all-metal body.

If you prefer a glossy design when buying, The Emeril Lagasse 360 is a perfect choice for you.

Size And Quality

The PowerXL has a design that fits nicely on the table with a size of 15,2 x 19,3 x 10,5 inches (depth x width x height). This size enables the PowerXL to cook up to 10 pounds of chicken and even bake six burgers at once. How impressive it is!

Even better, Emeril Lagasse 360 has a total weight of more than 20 pounds, of which the capacity for baking food is 930 cubic inches. It means you can easily bake six large loaves of bread at once and even bake a 10-12-pound chicken. That’s enough for a big party!

Another surprise is the size of this machine, not more extensive than the size of the PowerXL but a little smaller. Specifically, it has a depth of 15.1 inches, a width of 19.3 inches, and a height of 10.4 inches. It is so surprising!

In short, both machines have a pretty large capacity to bake food for parties with quite a few friends. They are also quite similar in size and will fit in your kitchen. However, after careful analysis, we are sure you have already known which one is more impressive, right?


The overall performance of this PowerXL will surely satisfy you. You will see that its coverage is suitable for the money you have spent.

Also, you can easily and quickly enjoy delicious BBQ dishes. This machine was created to simplify your cooking to have more time to rest and enjoy delicious meals.

This magical air fryer supports eight preset functions that enable you to cook various delicious and decadent dishes.

At the same time, it can blow super-hot air seven times higher than other machines and radiate 450 degrees of heat. That way, it helps to bake crispy foods on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s fascinating, isn’t it?

Not inferior to PowerXL, Emeril Lagasse, on the contrary, is very outstanding in performance when it comes to taste issues. It comes pre-installed with 12 different cooking functions to help you freely create your favorite dishes for yourself, your family, and your friends. It can completely be likened to a professional and quality grill!

The most remarkable feature of this machine is the five-step heating element and 360-degree fast cooking technology. It helps you shorten the cooking time while ensuring the food is cooked evenly and deliciously.

In a nutshell, both two air fryers enable users to create a variety of delicious food. But the Emeril Lagasse seems to be more outstanding and impressive, right?

PowerXL Grill 8-in-1 Pros & Cons

PowerXL Air Fryer Grill 8 in 1


  • A variety of cooking functions
  • Effortless to clean
  • Small size, easy to fit your kitchen
  • Using no oil or less oil
  • Providing superheated airflow


  • A little bit noisy while cooking

Emeril Lagasse 360 Pros & cons

Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360


  • Using no oil while cooking
  • Excellent technology, supporting fast cook turbo heat to save the time of cooking
  • The come-along accessories are safe with the dishwasher
  • A perfect replacement for many appliances in your kitchen


  • No warranty included

Final Thoughts

Both of these types of air fryers have some of the best features possible, but they also have their own limitations.

Both of these air fryers have some of the best features possible, but they also have their limitations.

PowerXL offers various cooking functions, making it a great choice to bring delicious baked goods to your family and friends. But if you want to prepare many dishes to entertain everyone at parties, The Emeril will be a more suitable choice.

When buying goods, the price is also something that many people consider. While the PowerXL is quite affordable at $150, the Emeril has a much higher price tag of $250 for one. Emeril’s price point may not be too expensive, but it’s not a price that suits everyone.

If you are finding an affordable air fryer within your budget, then we recommend PowerXL. And if you don’t care about how much you have to spend but only care about the quality of your products, Emeril is an ideal choice for you.


The article has just provided you with an in-depth review of the PowerXL Grill vs Emeril Lagasse 360. We believe that you have now decided which machine to choose for your family!

Actually, it is not always necessary to pick a product with a high price or various features. Indeed, the best one should be the most suitable for your needs and budget.

If you find this post helpful to you, please leave a comment below to write more valuable articles. Thanks so much for reading!

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