Pork Steak In Air Fryer – Tips for A Delicious Dinner

Air frying is an easy and fat-free cooking method to make your pork steaks delicious. And it is quite easy to cook pork with an air fryer only by following four simple steps. 

We are sure that it will not take you too long to prepare and cook this meal. Moreover, you and your family will have a memorable dinner together with a savory meal. Let’s learn how to cook pork steak in air fryer right now. The way to do it is much easier than you think!


Of course, you have to prepare pork. It would be great to use pork loin steaks. However, if you cannot buy that meat, another tender and no-bone pork can be used instead. 


The second most important ingredient is oil. When cooking with an air fryer, I typically use light olive oil. But any other cooking oil still works. Cook with a high smoke point, so you create less smoke while cooking. That is especially important when cooking meats with a lot of fat or humidity.

Finally, I will make my seasoning, but you can find a store-bought one if you want to save time. I make it with salt, paprika, garlic powder, and a brown sugar mix. You can try other flavors, like garlic, fennel, or Cajun seasoning. 

How To Cook Pork Steak In Air Fryer

Turn your air fryer on to air fry and set it to a temperature of 390 °F or 200 °C. You may also need to preheat it by turning it on for 3 minutes. Importantly, you must remember that some air fryers can not be preheated; therefore, you must check them before cooking. 

Then, you can place silverside pork steaks in a bowl with oil and seasoning. Toss to coat the meat in the mixture, then let it sit for 30-45 minutes before cooking. 

The third step is where you will fry the pork. Place the cuts of pork you have seasoned in the fryer basket, but don’t stack them on top of one another. Fry it until the center is at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit/ 66 degrees Celsius, and they will be golden brown. 

After that, you should check the temperature of your food with a meat thermometer. 

After cooking, make sure to rest the meat so that juices can regain their shape. Cover it with foil and let it sit for at least a few minutes before serving it.

When you finish all the steps above, you have completed your pork steak in the air fryer. Now, let’s serve them in dishes and enjoy them with your family. 

Pork Steaks in Air Fryer Tips

Pork steaks should be cooked until they reach 145 degrees after 3 minutes of resting. If it’s overcooked, it will become tough. Therefore, you should pay attention to the amount of time after letting your pork rest. 

Take the temperature of your air fryer as fast as possible by using a thermometer to ensure it has enough space. Once you have loaded the air fryer, use an instant-read thermometer to monitor the temperature.

Another tip to make your pork steaks look more flavorful is you can pair them with other foods or vegetables when serving. You can serve your fried pork with vegetables and ranch dressing for a delicious dinner. You can also serve with potatoes on the side for a hearty meal.


Source: Hidden Valley Ranch


How To Fry Frozen Pork In An Air Fryer?

When you find it’s time to cook dinner and your recipes are still in the freezer, Alexa says that cooking food from frozen in the air fryer is a great way to make quick and delicious dinners. And frozen pork steaks will be a portion of great food for your meal. 

You can easily cook frozen pork steaks in your air fryer by following these steps:

  • Step 1: You must prepare your air fryer to 400 degrees first. 
  • Step 2: Put the frozen pork into the air fryer after it reaches 400 degrees. Then, heat the pork steaks in the air fryer for 13-15 minutes.
  • Step 3: In the middle, flip them, add more rub and baste with sauce on both sides.
  • Step 4: Continue to fry until your pork steaks turn golden brown. You can stop cooking and enjoy your delicious dinner. 

How to Store and Reheat the Pork Steak?

Leftover pork steaks should be refrigerated and used within three days. It can also be reheated in an air fryer for 3-4 minutes or cooked in an air fryer at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20-25 minutes. Or you can also reheat your pork steaks in the microwave if you don’t want to use your air fryer.


What an easy meal to cook for your family dinner! You already know how to prepare pork steak in air fryer, so why don’t you make it right away? Or you can save this recipe to cook later. 

Suppose you need any other recipes, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also follow us to collect more delicious recipes.

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