Ninja FD401 vs FD402 Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer Comparison

The Ninja FD401 vs FD402 battle leads to controversies about choosing the best cooking appliance for a complete culinary process.

Both two pressure cookers are suitable for processing multiple food types with tasty flavors and perfect textures. Thus, you can feel confused about making the better choice between the two cookers with superior functions and great quality. 

This article provides a detailed comparison of the two cooking products with their typical features and versatile functions. It will help you determine which is better out of the two models. 

Let’s go to the specific Ninja Foodi FD401 vs FD402 comparison with the table chart.

The Difference Between Ninja Foodi FD401 vs FD402

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The Ninja FD401
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In terms of design, the Foodi FD401 and FD402 get the deluxe look with a combination of silver and black color and stainless steel finish. So, both are suitable for any space, such as a luxurious interior or kitchen.

They have a compact size with the same weight of 26.04 pounds.

The dimensions of FD401 are 16.1 x 14.57 x 14.2 inches, and FD402 is 14.57 x 16.1 x 14.29 inches, which is not so compact. You can keep these models in a cupboard if your kitchen is too small.  

Besides, both cookwares use plastic and stainless steel for durable and sturdy construction. This is also a plus point for easy cleaning; all you have to do is some wipes with a damp cloth, and it’s as good as new.

If you only consider design to choose the winner between the Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer, you will be pleased with whichever pressure cooker you get. You may prepare delicious meals with the support of both great models.


Regarding performance, both models boast versatile cooking functions with automatic operation modes. 

However, the FD401 uses 12-in-1 programmable cooking functions for various tasty recipes. They are air fry/air crisp, slow cook, yogurt, bake, broil, roast, keep warm, sous vide, pressure-cook, steam, sears/Sauté, and dehydrate.

Meanwhile, FD402 only supports you with nine versatile cooking functions for multiple recipes: steam, air fry, roast, bake, dehydrate, broil, slow cook, Sauté, and yogurt.

By and large, if you usually feed many hungry members with multiple appetites, the Ninja FD401 should be your go-to choice.


Both the Ninja Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer come with necessary accessories, facilitating you to cook various foods with ease. One of the essential accessories is the removable pressure lid for slow, steaming, and pressure-cooking.

A reversible cooking stainless steel rack, 5-liter fryer pot, and 8-liter saucepan are other add-ons for these two products.

Thus, this round is a draw. You can choose either FD401 or FD402 with the same accessories. 


The FD401 and FD402 are both affordable. Yet, you can look for a cheaper model depending on where you purchase it. 

The Ninja FD401 is more budget-friendly than the FD402. So, FD402 is the winner in the round. You should pick FD402 for your perfect meals and unique cooking recipes if you have a tight budget.

Ninja Foodi FD401 Vs. FD 402 Comparison Chart

Product nameNinja FD401 Foodi 12-in-1 Deluxe XLNinja FD402 Foodi 9-in-1 Deluxe XL
Material PlasticStainless steel
Color SilverStainless/black
Wattage 1760 watts1400 watts
Voltage120 Volts110 Volts
Product weight 26.04 pounds26.04 pounds
Dimensions (DxWxH)14.57 x 16.1 x 14.2 inches16.1 x 14.57 x 14.29 inches
cooking functionsPressure Cook, Air Fry/Air Crisp, Steam, Slow Cook, Yogurt, Sear/Sauté, Bake, Roast, Broil, Dehydrate, Sous Vide & Keep Warm.Pressure Cook, Air Fry/Air Crisp, Steam, Slow Cook, Yogurt, Sear/Sauté, Bake/Roast, Broil, Dehydrate
Cooking capacity8 quarts8 quarts
Operation mode AutomaticAutomatic
TenderCrisp TechnologyYesYes
Special featureProgrammableManual
Control MethodTouchTouch
Controller TypeHand ControlHand Control
Is Dishwasher SafeYesYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

You can see the similarity between the Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer in weight, power, capacity, and operation mode.

However, there are several differences between the two products, including material, color finish, cooking functions, and special features. 


We hope that the Ninja FD401 vs FD402 showcase in the above article is useful enough to help you determine which is better between these two models.

When choosing between the Ninja FD401 and FD402, consider whether the Deluxe Reversible Rack and the stainless steel design of the FD402 model are important to you.

If you need additional cooking capacity or prefer the stainless steel aesthetic, the FD402 may be the better choice. However, if these factors are not significant to you, the Ninja FD401 will still provide you with excellent performance and functionality.

So, we recommend choosing this product regardless of the higher cost to get the thorough value, versatility, reliability, and quality. It is the perfect cookware to help you prepare tasty and healthy homemade meals and shorten the cooking time with less effort.

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