Sur La Table Air Fryer Manual- 13 Qt Multifunctional

Are you looking for Sur La Table air fryer manual? If you purchase the air fryer, you may want to find the best way to use it. Check out more details!

Sur La Table Inc. is a private retailer located in the United States, which mostly provides kitchen products, such as cutlery, cookware, bakeware, and so on. You can find everything you need about cooks’ tools in Sur La Table. Additionally, the company opens cooking classes in over 80 shops for anyone who wants to join.

One of the most popular and trending products now is the Sur La Table air fryer. How to use Sur La Table air fryer effectively? If you are finding the answer, let’s scroll down and explore the Sur La Table air fryer manual!

Sur La Table 13-Quart Multi-Functional Air Fryer


Sur La Table Air Fryer Manual

The Sur La Table Air Fryer Is A 7-In-1 Machine

The Sur La Table air fryer performed an excellent job in frying the meals speedily. It offers seven functionalities, including air fry, broil, bake, roast, rotisserie, reheat and dehydrate with ten preset buttons. Therefore, you can freely create new recipes and cook delicious meals for your family.

This air fryer also works well with frozen foods like pork bones, chicken wings, and potatoes. The food coming out of this air fryer will have a crunchy fried shell but soft meat inside. 

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A 1700W heating element comes with 360 Airflow technology in the Sur La Table air fryer, which makes cooking speedily on the inside and crispy outside. Especially for air-fried dishes like fried potatoes, chicken wings, and onion rings, this technology helps cook evenly with little and no oil. 

The temperature may be adjusted from 170°F to 400°F, and the timer can be set from 1 to 60 minutes.

You can refer to the Sur La Table air fryer’s specifications below to see whether this cooking machine suits your needs:

  • Dimensions: 13.98L x 14.02 W x 14.53 H
  • 7-in-1 Multi-Functionality
  • LED digital display panel 
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Power: 1700W
  • Extra-large viewing window
  • Interior illumination
  • Extra-large and comfortable handle
  • Recipe book included

Sur La Table Air Fryer Manual?

Touchscreen Control

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You Can Cook Many Dishes By This Air Fryer

On the touchscreen control, you’ll see the Power button. Press it to turn on your machine. After you set the Time and Temperature by pressing these symbols, it will initiate your cooking process. While cooking, time and temperature will be displayed on the digital screen. You can increase and decrease the time and temperature by the icons (+) and (-). 

To use ten preset buttons, press the icon you want. For example, if you need to bake pizzas, touch the icon “Pizza” to start the process. 

The Light button helps you adjust the illumination modes. When you turn it on, the button will glint, and to turn the light off, press the glinting button.

If you want to roast your meat by rotisserie, ensure the food is properly connected to the rotisserie assembly and the rotisserie bar is in position. Then, press the Rotisserie button, and it will rotate gradually.

Menu Chart

Read the menu chart to know the exact time and temperature each recipe requires. Then, put the food inside the accessory and place it in the appliance. Tap on the symbol to select the preset program, (+) and (-), to change the cooking time and temperature. Finally, press the key to begin the process.

Using The Accessories


Selecting Correct Accessories Is Essential

Understanding which accessories are used with your recipes also plays a key role in determining your meal’s success. The Sur La Table air fryer comes with multiple accessories, including a frying basket, drip tray, frying tray, rotisserie stand, rotating basket, skewers rack, rotisserie forks, and a kit of handle tools. 

All you need is to choose the suitable accessory to fit into the appliance and avoid touching the heating areas, sidewalls, and door of the air fryer when cooking and rotating the meat. 

Placing The Frying Trays

How To Use Sur La Table Air Fryer

Using Trays Is A Common Way In Air Frying

Putting the frying tray inside your air fryer is not difficult, but it requires some techniques. First, put it on one of the appliance’s two rails. Then, set a higher temperature for higher rails and a lower temperature for lower rails. 

Sur La Table Air Fryer Cooking Chart

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Each Food Requires Different Time And Temperature

In some cases, you need to use par-cooking (low-temperature cooking) for some dishes before air frying to get the tastiest flavor. You should read the cooking chart to measure how many your foods are or the different shapes between the same ingredients. 

For example, potato wedges require more cooking time (18-22 minutes) than potato cubes (12-18 minutes). Other foods also have separate amounts, times, and temperatures, so you need to search the cooking chart to cook them perfectly.

How To Preheat Sur La Table Air Fryer?

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Preheating Makes Cooking Process Faster

Preheating your recipes helps them get an amazing crispness that creates a tasty flavor for every dish. Before processing, preheating is also helpful when you prepare thick slices of raw and frozen meats, such as frozen chicken breasts, pork bones, and steaks. It reduces cooking time and power and cooks the foods more evenly.

Follow these steps to know how to preheat your air fryer correctly. First, set your air fryer to your desired temperature or the recipe’s temperature. You can read the recipe book to find the perfect temperature for each food. Removing the basket is unnecessary.

Then, turn on the air fryer. Because the Sur La Table air fryer is large, you should set the timer up to 400°F in 5 minutes to preheat the food effectively.

Maintain Sur La Table Air Fryer After Using

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Unplugging Before Cleaning Air Fryers Is Compulsory

After cooking delicious meals, you may wonder how to clean Sur La Table air fryer so that you can use it for a long time. First, always remember to unplug the air fryer before cleaning to avoid electric shock.  Don’t let any electrical components interact with water or liquids. 

Second, make sure you won’t get burnt because of the heat from the air fryer during and after cooking. You should wait for the machine to cool down for 30 minutes before cleaning. If you need to clean it immediately, use heat-proof gloves to take out the basket, tray, and other accessories. 

Start slowly wiping the air fryer and accessories with a soft towel and gentle washing liquids. Let them dry, then store them in the packaging in a dry and clean place.

Avoid using harmful cleaning products like harsh detergents, scourers, and wire brushes to clean the air fryer. These rough items will destroy the non-stick surface of your air fryer, making it more abrasive and less durable. 

Regarding specialized maintenance, if you have any technical errors or malfunction problems, contact a professional repair center to get the best advice instead of fixing it by yourself.

Sur La Table Air Fryer Manual FAQs

Should I Purchase The Sur La Table Air Fryer?

If you want an easy-to-use air fryer that performs an excellent cooking job, this air fryer is an ideal option. It has wonderful performance, affordable price, and will last long if used properly. Additionally, it’s best for big family meal prep and parties due to its large size. 

Consider these advantages to make the right decision:

– Great cooking capability
– Ease of use
– Various accessories and recipe book
– Affordable price
– Costco’s warranty applied
– No plasticky scent during the first use

Can I Put Aluminum Foil In Sur La Table Air Fryer?

Like other air fryers, you can use aluminum foil in the Sur La Table air fryer. As long as you use it properly and avoid covering essential parts of your machine, it will cause no danger and prevent unevenness and damage during the cooking process. 

Ensure to use enough aluminum foil to cover the base of your basket or wrap your food inside. 

Does Sur La Table Air Fryer Allow To Open The Door While Running?

Unlike ovens, air fryers allow you to open the door when they’re cooking without turning it off. The one from Sur La Table is not an exception. You can open its door while running without any risk or damage. 

When you open the door to check your food, you don’t need to take the basket out or turn off the timer. The timer will be automatically paused until you close the door.

Be careful because the heat from any part of the machine can cause burns.


This article has provided you with the most detailed information about Sur La Table Air Fryer Manual and related questions. Purchasing an air fryer is a revolution in your cooking method, but how to use and maintain it properly is more important. 

The one from Sur La Table is a great air fryer that offers multiple cooking modes, technology, accessories, and a detailed recipe book to make your experience better. It also brings ease of use and excellent performance to cook your foods quickly and evenly.

If you have any questions, follow us, and we will contact you soon!

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