Hot Pocket Cook Time in Microwave, Oven and Air Fryer

Certainly, we all prefer to buy Hot Pockets whenever shopping and preserve them in our refrigerators because of the quick cooking time and the act of making us full. Hot pocket cook time can depend on many factors.

They probably are the package’s weight, the wattage of the device used, and whether the food is frozen. Let’s keep reading to get more details!

Hot pocket microwave time

hot pockets

How long to cook a Hot Pocket differs based on the wattage of your microwave and how much food you are cooking.

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We highly recommend cooking a hot pocket in two minutes with an appliance whose wattage is 1100. In case you put one more pocket inside, the required time is 4 minutes.

Generally, all kinds of hot pockets also have the same basic instruction:

  1. Use a crisping sleeve
  2. Put it on a safe plate inside the microwave
  3. Set the cooking time for around 1-2 minutes and 15 seconds

However, microwaving time depends on its wattage and your soft or crispy result hobby. 

The minimum time required is two minutes to have a soft one. If you like a crispy golden crust with a little brown, let’s add three more minutes.

How long does it take to microwave a hot pocket?

The most simple way to save your time is to microwave hot pockets but remember to check your microwave’s wattage before using it.

  1. Remove the wrapping from the hot pocket.
  2. Use the crisping sleeve. 
  3. Place it on a safe plate inside the microwave.

To get the exact answer of How long do you put Hot Pockets in the microwave? let’s refer to the following table: 

The WattageCooking Time
1100 wattsAbout 2 mins
700 wattsAbout 3 mins
Hot pocket cook time in a microwave

In addition, if you want to cook two perfect hot pockets simultaneously, the required time is at least 4-5 mins. For the tastiest result, take turns heating hot pockets.

How long should you heat a Hot Pocket? 

If you are wondering how long to cook a hot pocket, to get the exact answer, let’s pay attention to these steps below!


  1. Remove sandwich cover 
  2. Use a crisping sleeve 
  3. Place it on a microwave-safe dish 

Step 2: HEAT IT for 2 minutes

Step 3: Take it out and enjoy your hot and delicious meal!

So, after finishing the preparation step, how long do you cook a hot pocket? 

To cook it in a high-power, 1100-watt oven, the recommended heating time for one Sandwich is about two minutes, but for two sandwiches at the same time, which can take three minutes and 30 seconds.

The reasonable time to cook one Sandwich is three minutes and ten seconds for the lower compact or wattage microwave.

Finally, let’s enjoy your best result!

How long do I cook a hot pocket in a 700-watt microwave?

In case you don’t get used to hot pockets, they are commonly frozen pastries. The recommended time to cook them in a 700-watt microwave is two minutes.

For the 350°F conventional ovens, remember to place these frozen products on a baking or foil sheet.

Can you air-fry a hot pocket?

If you are wondering: “How to cook a hot pocket in an air fryer?” The following simple steps will help you have hot pockets quickly and conveniently. for

  1. Put frozen hot pocket in the air fryer (No need for any oil)
  2. Set the temperature to 370°F or 189°C in about 11-13 mins.
  3. Make sure to flip your pocket in the middle of heating time. 
  4. Enjoy by cutting it in half if you like.
hot pocket in air fryer

*Note: Recipes were cooked in 6 qt air fryers. If using a larger one, cooking time could be shorter.

FAQs On How To Cook Hot Pockets!

Are Hot Pockets better in the oven or microwave?

As you know, Hot Pockets probably is fast food so it is convenient and simple that hungry and busy people can get a meal ready to enjoy in a short time by using the microwave.

Cooking Hot Pockets in an oven can take more time than in a microwave, yet the crispness of the results is superior to that no crisping sleeve can obtain.

How to cook hot pocket in a toaster oven?

  1. Remove your Hot Pocket’s cover
  2. Put it on a baking sheet inside a toaster oven

Remember not to use the crisping sleeve, and only cooking in the microwave using the sleeve can make the dough of the Hot Pockets crisp.

How do you make hot pockets crispy?

  1. Preheat your air fryer to about 400°F.
  2. Using the crisping sleeve
  3. Set heating time and cook for 60 seconds 
  4. Carefully get the Hot Pocket out of the fryer
  5. Remove the crisper sleeve from it 
  6. Set heating time and cook for around 3-4 minutes until it is completely warmed. 
  7. Cool it for a minimum of about 5 mins.


Microwaving or air-frying Hot Pockets may be a convenient way to fix a fast meal because they quickly get cooked. So, it is vital to know how to cook hot pocket so that you can get the right time and have a nice meal!

Hopefully, you can find the hot pocket cook time article informative and helpful to have the final result, which is suitable for your desire. Stay tuned for the best tricks in our next article!

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