Cuisinart Digital Airfryer Toaster Oven CTOA-130PC3 Review

Few kitchens have enough spare room to store so many pieces of equipment in the same place!

And here’s where high-end brands like Cuisinart come up with the wonderful idea of combining them into one package, opening the door for the air fryer-toaster marketplace to thrive.

Among numerous product lines the brand has released to date, the CTOA-130PC3 has piqued most curiosity. How does it perform against other similar options, and why are so many cooks obsessed with it?

Our Cuisinart CTOA-130PC3 review will give you further insights into the product’s operation and quality. Scroll for more. 

Cuisinart CTOA-130PC3 Review

Features and Specifications

Cuisinart CTOA-130PC3
Cuisinart CTOA-130PC3


  • Dimensions: 15.43 x 16.38 x 13.78 inches
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Capacity: 17 Liters
  • Wattage: 1800 watts
  • Temperature Range: 80 – 450°F
  • Cooking functions: 13
  • Finish Type: Silver/Painted
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver


The sleek and huge digital display screen plastered right on the front impresses us at first glance. Every critical data (the temperature, minutes remaining, etc.) are shown clearly in bold, white fonts – which are easy to observe from a distance, even for old or short-sighted people. You don’t have to squint your eyes to look at them closely like other air fryers!

As if all those vision advantages were not enough, the product also arrives with large, transparent view windows and bright oven light. Gone are those days when you had to constantly open and close the oven doors to double-check the dish’s current status. Simply inspect it through the crystal-clear glass layer without hampering the cooking process or injuring yourself!

For easier monitoring, big knobs for easy temperature and time adjustments are placed next to the touch screen. Their usages are by no means complex: twist those buttons back and forth (clockwise or counter-clockwise) until the display screen shows the number you want.

Another not-to-miss feature is the fans and heaters installed inside the cooking area. Their premium build and ventilated pipes ensure the heat is spread evenly across all the dish’s surfaces, giving your cuisine a more consistent and crispier texture. 

The food processing is also sped up as a result, cutting down half of the required time compared to substandard air fryers/toasters on the market! 

One last thing to note is that CTOA-130PC3 uses electrical plugs, though the measurements and designed voltage output mostly aim at U.S. customers. For clients outside America, remember to purchase converters or adapters first – which isn’t as difficult as it sounds, by the way. You can find such devices anywhere at local stores.

Performance and Functionality

Though the product is categorized as an air fryer-toaster, its cooking functions are not just limited to toasting and air frying. To our utter amazement, there are 13 functions in total, including reheating, toasting, roasting, broiling, baking, dehydrating, etc. For a device at such an affordable price, that broad array of options is luxurious indeed – more than what you could ask for!

Most importantly, CTOA-130PC3 also supports dual-cook programs, allowing you to process two dishes simultaneously. Even better, the two slots operate on different energy systems, so it’s easy to tweak the temps and settings of one of the two dishes without interfering with the remaining one. Imagine how much time could be saved that way; your anticipating guests no longer have to wait for hours.

To add more to the convenience, CTOA-130PC3 introduces one of the most flexible temperature ranges we have ever seen: from 80°F to as high as 450°F.

Since most air fryer toasters only sustain foods from 80°F onwards, that range is definitely a huge step-up! There’s nothing this product cannot satisfy, from slow to fast cooking and from cold to sizzling dishes. Who needs restaurants when your Cuisinart fryer-toaster is so capable?

There are, of course, also confused novices who just got the product for the first time and didn’t even know which recipe to try out, aside from seasoned cooks. 

Luckily, the brand has also catered to this demographic, incorporating several preset settings for wings, snacks, veggies, and fries. Simply hit the “Start” button and let the machine take charge of the rest to cook these basic formulas.

Also, the spacious cooking space hits the spot for even the pickiest customer. With a whopping capacity of 17L (0.6 CU), you can fit in 6 toast bagel halves, four whole chicken, and even 12′ inch pizzas. What a delight for your big parties and picnics! 

How can we forget the full-fledged accessories that come with the package? Be it an oven rack, air-fryer basket, or drip pan, you have them all. A recipe book is also included to lend novice home cooks a hand in preparing dinners for their loved ones.

Design and Build Quality

Cuisinart CTOA 130CP3

Color and Visual

We have talked enough about the main function: cooking. How about sparing a look at its visuals and aesthetics?

Objectively speaking, CTOA-130PC3 does not boast any special charm in terms of design, looking no different from most average Cuisinart fryer-toasters you often see in the shop. In compensation, the device is drafted in an elegant, lavish silver finish that screams “luxury” despite its low price – something modern kitchen owners will appreciate.

Not only will it give your kitchen – a place notorious for dirt, grime, and sticky food – a cleaner outlook, but the silver paint also blends well with the rest of the house. You can even put the device in the living room – for goodness’ sake – and it still does not look out of place.


The total load of CTOA-130PC3 falls around 20-21 pounds – enough to keep it firmly in place, yet not too light that it feels flimsy. Moving the device around the kitchen should not be difficult for average adults.

Regarding its materials, CTOA-130PC3 is made of high-quality, premium stainless steel that holds well against stains and sticks. Such impressive durability ensures you can enjoy its cooking for at least 4 to 5 years.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

With straightforward designs and buttons, The CTOA-130PC3 poses no usage difficulties at all. It takes us less than half an hour to get familiarized with the most basic functions of this device. And even if you find yourself struggling, there are detailed manual guidebooks that explain everything in concise words and easy-to-understand illustrations.

Furthermore, the stainless steel cover and non-stick interior make the cleaning tasks a breeze. Some extra accessories (baking pans, baskets, etc.) are even dishwasher-safe; how convenient! 

Cuisinart CTOA-130PC3: Pros and Cons


For starters, the space-saving advantages are palpable. Its dimensions are moderate: 15.43 D x 16.38 W x 13.78 H (inch), posing barely any storage issue. Of course, owners of large residences might not have to pay too much attention to this, but we are certain tight-budget customers living in small-sized houses will appreciate that.

The 13 cooking functions and wide temperature ranges speak for themselves: almost any type of food will work well for them. Family members with diverse taste buds no longer have to fight each other over what to eat for dinner: just throw anything you want into CTOA-130PC3!

There’s no way we could forget its incredibly fast cooking speed, all thanks to the dual-cook programs, fans/heaters combo, and roomy cooking spaces. Instead of waiting 10+ hours or more to have all the food ready, now expect the entire process to take only 4-5 hours or even less. 

  • Space-saving
  • Can work with any recipe and formula
  • Fast cooking speed
  • Blending well into the house/kitchen’s decor


For once, we believe there should be more adjustment options – timing, temperature, and all are nice, but they are not the only influencing factors in a good dish. It would be lovely if we also had a say in the shade levels, meat thickness, basting spritzing, and more.

Also, as previously mentioned, extra adapters and converters are necessary if you are a non-U.S. citizen. Though many people do not find much trouble with that, certain customers would rather buy a local product than go through these transitional steps. 

  • Limited adjustment choices
  • Requiring adapters/converters for non-US customers


The Cuisinart CTOA-130PC3 review has explored every relevant feature of this top-performance air fryer toaster. With a slew of cooking functions and various innovative accessories, it should be your trusted ally in every culinary process. There’s no need to go to pricey restaurants for a dish of mouth-watering chicken wings or french fries!

Not to mention, the sleek and neat design makes the device a sight to behold in your modern kitchen. Even better, its stainless steel cover requires little cleaning, saving you tons of effort and time! 

For more advice or clarifications, contact us or the brand itself. Cuisinart’s support team is more than willing to lend you a helping hand.

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