Can I Wrap The Chicken In Foil In An Air Fryer?

If you love fried or grilled food, you cannot miss an air fryer – a great kitchen appliance for any modern house. It’s not only a smart tool to cook faster and better but also works well with different materials, including meat, vegetable, flour, milk, etc.

Chicken is the favorite ingredient to prepare with this kitchen appliance. You can grill or fry a whole chicken or separate parts like wings, thighs, breasts, etc. One tip to make your dishes is to wrap the chicken in foil while cooking in an air fryer.

Why and how to do it correctly? Keep scrolling for more!

Wrap The Chicken In Foil
Chicken thighs in foil

Can You Use Aluminum Foil In An Air Fryer?

It’s absolutely a yes. Many people worry about this matter because they catch trouble when combining this food wrap and microwave.

It’s common knowledge that you should not use aluminum foil to wrap food when using microwaves. The mechanism of most microwaves doesn’t offer heat baking. Hence, the appliance can explode when the heat meets foil and harm our lives.

However, aluminum oil works well with air fryers. It’s completely safe. Thanks to the air fryer mechanism of heat baking and convection heat sink, you can freely apply this material to this kitchen tool. 

Why should we use this food wrap in cooking?

The aluminum foil can slow down the heat process of the inner chicken. At the same time, it traps the heat inside to cook the ingredient gradually and keeps the dish juicy and tender. Additionally, the foil will prevent the oil and water from staining the air fryers. 

Even though it sounds fantastic and optimal to use foil in cooking with air fryers, it doesn’t mean you should apply this method to every ingredient.

Cooking materials containing rich acids, such as sour fruits or ingredients marinated with vinegar, should incorporate with foil. The acids can corrode it, leading to the aluminum seeping inside the food and harming our health.

How To Wrap The Chicken In Foil?

You should be aware of the size of the materials, the cooking formula, the time to marinate, and the size of your air fryer. Every kitchen appliance has its specifications for the inner capacity, so be aware of it before starting cooking. Besides, the size of the materials will affect the amount of aluminum foil you need. 

If you cook a chicken’s whole body, you should not choose the one that closely reaches the maximum appliance capacity because the foil can come into contact directly with the appliance, which may not be a good idea.

Before wrapping the chicken in foil, you must marinate it with spices. You can apply any recipe you like, but we will guide you through our best one – the combination of chicken and vegetables.

Wrap The Chicken In Foil In An Air Fryer
Chicken breast and vegetables in foil

You will need the following:

  • Chicken breast
  • Vegetables: you can choose bell peppers, garlic, onion, mushrooms, and courgettes.
  • Olive oil
  • Paprika
  • Italian seasoning
  • Salt and pepper

Now, let’s cut the chicken into cubes and vegetables. Then, marinate the chicken and leave for 30 minutes. This process makes it tasty and extracts excessive inner water and blood.

Afterward, you should remove the extra liquid and add vegetables, mixing them. Finally, wrap them with foil and seal them perfectly without any exposure.

Now, it’s time to start your air fryer.

Foil-Wrapped Chicken In An Air Fryer

If you’ve done with the chicken, it’s time to bake it with an air fryer!

Depending on the materials’ size, you need different heat controls. Nevertheless, preheating plays an important role in completing your dish perfectly. It should take at least 10 minutes and last 30 minutes. The mild heat is from 400 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then, you put the chicken in foil into the air fryer and lower the heat gradually to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. In 20 to 25 minutes. You can place it on plates and serve your family when it’s done. Remember to add some green onion to make it fresh and yummy!

The temperature and cooking time is different if you try to cook a chicken’s whole body, wings, or thighs. Also, you need to divide the cooking process into two parts to flip both sides, making it evenly cooked.

The Chicken In Foil In Air Fryers FAQs

Can I Wrap Chicken In Foil In Air Fryer?

Absolutely yes! Cooking chicken directly in the air fryer will make the chicken dry, brittle, and easily burnt at high temperatures. The foil will help the chicken to be sealed with the food inside.

Can I wrap the chicken in foil in a Ninja air fryer?

Yes! You can do it with any air fryer, toaster oven, or convection oven. But if you want to use foil in the microwave, be careful. Do not put metal in the microwave.

Can you wrap food in aluminum foil in an air fryer

Yes, In addition to chicken, there are many dishes you can prepare by wrapping them in foil such as fish, salmon, potatoes, vegetables …

How long to cook chicken breast in foil in an air fryer?

Usually 10 to 30 minutes at 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the recipe and the temperature, the time it takes to cook chicken breasts in foil in an air fryer can vary. Please carefully read the instructions for the recipes or the manufacturer’s cooking times


Wrapping the chicken in foil will make the dishes cook perfectly, with the juicy inside and crispy outside. The dish is not only yummy but also healthy without extra oil as the traditional cooking method. You will find dishwashing much easier and quicker with an air fryer and foil!

Additionally, to wrap the chicken in foil, you can prepare different dishes with this kitchen utility, such as fried potato, grilled ribs, pizza, cake, yogurt, etc. Are you excited? Let’s buy it and turn your family dinners into an amazing time.

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