Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro Review (BOV900BSS)

The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro is more than enough for a commis chef for home kitchens. It can handle multiple tasks simultaneously while keeping your countertop neat without cramping many appliances.

If you intend to get one, Breville is one of the most famous brands that you should take into account. Spare 5 minutes to skim our Breville smart oven air fryer pro review below to collect key features that decide your final option.

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro Specifications

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro Review
Breville BOV900BSS
Product nameBreville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro
Model numberBOV900BSS
Dimensions17.5 x 21.5 x 12.7 inches
Weight38.9 pounds
Cook for up toUp to 14 people
Capacity2-Year Limited Product Warranty
Functionalities13 Unique presets; Slow cooking setting; Air fry capability; Super Convection Technology
Wattage Output1800 watts
MaterialStainless Steel
Warranty2 Year Limited Product Warranty
PriceCheck Latest Price

Breville BOV900BSS Review

Versatility With 13 Cooking Functions

The Breville air fryer is no wonder, a multitasking gadget that can replace all your existing ovens and air fryers. It packs 13 cooking functions simultaneously, including several basic features to fulfill your family’s needs such as baking, toasting, roasting, broiling, air frying, and dehydration.

Moreover, other unique settings are at hand for the bagel, proofing, reheating, warming, pizza, slow cooking, and cookies. You can try one of them to cook your food creatively.  

Believe us! Its functionality can help you feel comfortable with daily cooking, no matter what you have in your refrigerator. Feel free to toast bread for breakfast, roast or air fry a chicken or a turkey for dinner, or bake a cake for dessert. 

Why do you have to buy a stand-alone dehydrator or air fryer when you already have this Breville BOV900BSS? You can totally trust this piece; use it, and better your cooking skill in a short time. The Breville model will undoubtedly become the brightest star in your kitchen, especially when you want to show your creativity.

We bought it at the beginning of summer in 2022. When the weather is extremely hot and unpleasant. At that time, the idea of making detox flashed through our minds, and this product is a savior to us.

Thanks to the dehydrate function, we could easily dry 4 different types of fruits, like oranges, apples, lemons, etc., at a time. That’s how it saved my fan squad in those scorching days. 

Breville BOV900BSS oven air fryer Reviews

Large Capacity

This oven air fryer measures 17.5 x 21.5 x 12.7 inches in dimensions, which is extra large for you to cook many meals of a wide range of foods at the same time. 

As we mentioned above, this appliance is capable of holding up to 9-10 slices of bread, a huge 14-pound turkey, or 12-cup muffin trays. In comparison with pans, it fits the size of 9×13 pinches most. 

You cannot find these things in the Breville air fryer, which is another sought-after product from the same brand. Hence, going for this BOV900BSS machine is your optimal choice if you want to make muffins in a standard-sized tray or brownies in a 9 x 13-inch pan.

You might not believe it, but the Breville smart oven can cook for up to 14 people. It means that you can comfortably prepare meals and feed a whole big family or a small union party. You will shorten the cooking time without much elbow grease.

Although it may be the heaviest toaster oven and take up a lot of space on your countertop, this convenience is worth it. Several functions display on a single appliance, and that’s the reason why you should not look down on this pick. 

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How To Use Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro?

It’s a norm that a multitasking appliance is too difficult for people to use, which holds many buyers back. But this is not the case with this smart air fryer oven.

In our Breville toaster oven review today, we will mention lots of nice extras contributing greatly to the ease of usage that you can find in this product.

First, there is an integrated interior oven light for you to check on your ingredient to see if it is cooked yet. This brings enough comfort to your cooking experience when you do not need to open the machine and cut the meat out to test. 

However, its automatic feature is what makes this product more appealing than others in the current market. At the end of the cooking cycle, the light may turn on so that you are able to peek inside and check the food carefully. 

Do not worry if you suddenly crave a midnight meal anymore. Feel free to prepare the snacks without waking up your family members by turning on the light.  

Then, a sophisticated LCD display helps you approach 13 built-in smart functionality easier. Time and temperature are also available on the screen for straightforward control and adjustments. You can also follow the preheating and cooking progress by counting the time.

Rest assured that its interface of only buttons and dials is readable and sensitive to touch. No knowledge of cooking does not matter. Beginners will not feel confused using the BOV845BSS for the first time. Just find some recipes and follow the instructions.

Breville BOV845BSS review


There are many things to talk about how superb the BOV900BSS product is. Its element iQ system must be the first thing you pay attention to. It utilizes up to 6 independent quartz elements to begin cooking. 

Specifically, the digital PID temperature control takes full responsibility for preventing overshooting and eliminating cold spots by transferring the power to the right spots. As a result, it will create exact and stable cooking temperatures and environments. 

If you have read the Breville smart oven air fryer review, you might know that the Breville BOV845BSS only uses five heating elements instead. So the final dishes will be much more evenly cooked and precise thanks to our main character today. 

Owning 1800 watts of power, this kitchen appliance will not also struggle to cook large food items. In terms of temperature, it has a big range from 80 to 480°F.

Such high temperatures combined with super convection technology create a big difference. The crispy golden air-fried foods are unpredictable, and amaze your friends with your cooking talent. 

It is not an exaggeration to say that super convection technology plays a crucial role in deciding the final results of your foods. It also offers two-speed fans of regular and super to circulate a great volume of hot air inside the oven. 

Normally, it is only warm at the back in a normal oven, not at the front. That’s the reason why you might not cook your food evenly.

But thanks to this technology, the machine distributes heat uniformly and quickly, and you can control the cooking process better without any doubt. As such, dehydrating, roasting, or air frying is no longer a big deal for you anymore.

On top of that, some users highly praise this technology because it saves your cooking time. It is able to speed up to 30 percent of the cooking time when blowing cold air surrounding your food away. 

It is convenient, especially when you are too busy at the beginning of the week! Now, you have plenty of time for everything else besides cooking.

How To Clean Breville Air Fryer?

Cleaning a cooking machine is never an easy task, especially when some stubborn pieces from your dishes stick to the surface of the oven for a long time. That’s why users should take some products with the easy-to-clean feature into consideration as a result. 

And our Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro review will definitely please you with your desired feature. The stainless steel housing is the key here to support your cleaning work with the help of a few drops of dishwashing soap. Feel free to put its rack in the washing machine for quick cleanup. 

You can also rest assured of this material’s corrosion resistance.  There will be no chance of rusting or peeling off so you can clean it easily with some wipes after every cooking time. 

What is more, its non-stick interior layer is a savior to your cooking journey. A sponge and a bit of liquid cleaner can help a lot. 

Quick Breville BOV900BSS Run-down


  • Impressive capacity to feed a big family of up to 14 people
  • Friendly interface with LCD display
  • Versatile with 13 presets for any cooking style
  • Smart technology for stable temperature 
  • Easy to clean up with its material


  • Somewhat heavy 
  • Not suitable for small countertops
  • Quite noisy while using the super mode of the speed fan
  • Expensive


Single-purpose kitchen appliances are no longer your optimal choice to put in your kitchen. Hence, you cannot go wrong with the BOV900BSS model because of many reasons, like versatility, smart functionality, ease of cleaning, as well as extra-large capacity. 

If you are addicted to cooking, there is no reason to refuse this machine. However, as we have mentioned in our Breville smart oven air fryer pro review, you must have the ability to afford it and enough space to put the product on.

Just consider carefully and make an informed decision at last. Good luck!

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